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Dry Flow System

Comco has designed an accurate but robust, low-maintenance device to measure and regulate the flow of dry material. DryFlow is especially useful in processes where a constant flow rate is required to measure the moisture content of the dry material so that the right amount of liquid can be applied to achieve optimal moisture levels. Typical industry uses include flaking to achieve optimal moisture content in the grain or corn before the steam chest and flake, and Post Pelleting Liquid Applications to measure and control flow rate of pelleted feed in order to apply the correct amount of liquids. The Dry Flow System can be used anywhere dry material flow measurement and/or control is required.

Dry Flow System

Dry flow Specialty Automation Equipment

System Highlights

  • Electric actuated gate for accurate flow control
  • Robust weighing device design using LVDT technology
  • Integrated moisture and temperature sensor
  • Wide measurement range of 5 – 100 stph
  • Manual and automatic operation modes
  • Ethernet communications interface to plant control system
  • HMI local control panel with remote access capability
  • Custom controls included for up to 2 liquid pumping applications
  • Easy on-site calibration

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