commissioning PLC Automation Systems

Commissioning Services

Comco specializes in ensuring the seamless integration and optimal performance of your PLC Automation and control system right from the start. The first step, before even arriving on-site, is to work closely with you to establish the scope and schedule, ensuring clear communication and expectations.

Once commissioning begins, one of the key benefits we offer is having a skilled programmer on site throughout the process. This dedicated expert brings invaluable advantages to your project, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and overall success.

Having a programmer on site means real-time problem-solving capabilities. They can quickly identify and address any issues that arise during commissioning, minimizing downtime and costly delays. Their expertise also enables them to fine-tune system configurations on the spot, optimizing performance and ensuring that your systems meet all necessary specifications.

Furthermore, our on-site programmers facilitate effective communication and collaboration among different teams involved in the commissioning process. They act as a bridge between engineering, operations, and maintenance teams, ensuring smooth coordination and alignment of goals. This streamlined approach leads to faster project completion and a more robust, reliable system for your operations.

On-Site and Remote Commissioning

  • IO testing: test every individual IO point (with a dedicated site electrician).
  • Interlock testing: ensure the interlocked equipment responds appropriately to all programmed device signals.
  • Automated path and route verification
  • Operator training that includes:
    • PLC troubleshooting
    • System functionality and Equipment Operations
    • System Troubleshooting

* Remote commissioning is available as an option to save on costs.

Case Studies

If you’re looking for specifics, the case studies will give you an in-depth look at some of the work we’ve completed for our clients. These success stories highlight how Comco can create custom solutions that work with your existing technology stack for any industry.

Why Customers Love Working With Comco