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Control Systems Design and Implementation

Comco has been designing and implementing control systems for over 35 years. We provide solutions for virtually any application. From standalone machine control or a single process to full facility PLC automation, we have the experience to get it done efficiently and cost effectively. We work with all our clients to ensure that they receive the custom control solution that maximizes production, safely and reliably. We provide turnkey solution including project management, engineering, design, software programming and hardware provision.

Control Systems Insights

Our control systems are enhanced by many valuable lessons we have learned over the last 35 years. Some of these lessons learned include:

  • Every site is different with mix of old and new equipment. The right balance is needed between standardization and customization.
  • Sites evolve over time (processes, size, equipment). Control systems have to be flexible and scalable.
  • Many facilities have a mix of batch and continuous processes. Integrating these processes is key to maximize performance.
  • There are only a handful of equipment that really drives productivity. Identifying and effectively controlling this equipment is crucial. 
  • Similar equipment can have different suppliers and behaviours. Details matter for effective control.
  • Implementation of steady state control is easy. But managing upset conditions differentiates a good system.
  • Control system integration to business systems is key to create added value for decision making through reporting and data analytics.
  • Evolving compliance and management needs. Quality and simplicity of reporting has to augment control functionality.
  • Operators move across sites. Operator interfaces should be created on global templates with local variations as needed.

Vendor Independent Control Systems

Being vendor independent, Comco supports various different control system hardware and software platforms (PLC/DCS/HMI) that enable us to implement solutions that best fit our clients’ specific needs. Using off-the-shelf components from proven manufacturers also ensures that our clients have easy access to parts when required.

Our services extend past system implementation and optimization. Our dedicated technical service team provides fast-response 24/7 support to ensure that our clients are never stranded in case of an emergency.

Control Systems and PLC Automation Expertise Across Vendors

Case Studies

If you’re looking for specifics, the case studies will give you an in-depth look at some of the work we’ve completed for our clients. These success stories highlight how Comco can create custom solutions that work with your existing technology stack for any industry.

Why Customers Love Working With Comco