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Certified Custom Electrical and Control Panel Shop

Comco has been manufacturing high quality electrical panels for over 35 years. We have a 6,500sqft panel shop with a dedicated and experienced manufacturing team to support all our customers’ PLC Automation and process control needs. Our panel shop is CSA approved in Canada and US, and an integral part of our operations since inception. Our panels adhere to stringent codes, undergoing thorough in-house testing before customer release, ensuring we only deliver the highest quality products.

Beyond assembly, our experienced team excels in panel design, offering expertise in power systems, distribution, instrumentation, sensors, and controls. Drawings undergo customer approval before configuring and manufacturing projects. Our drafting department collaborates closely with engineers and electricians, ensuring precision in design documentation. Each shipment includes construction drawings for convenient installation, complemented by provided as-built drawings and maintenance manuals upon project completion. Comco’s commitment to quality and comprehensive services makes us a trusted partner in the realm of custom control panels, PLC panels, and automation electrical panels. Contact us to explore how our expertise can enhance your automation and control systems.

The Comco Difference

  • Optimized layout design makes efficient use of space and allows for easy field installation
  • Vendor independence allows for cost-effective and fit-for-purpose solutions
  • Comprehensive testing ensures highest quality and performance
  • Large stock of components ensures meeting client’s delivery requirements

Typical Panels and Equipment

  • PLC and DCS Panels
  • Operator Control Panels
  • Motor Control Centers (MCCs)
  • Motor Starter Panels
  • Soft Start Enclosures
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Enclosures
  • Central Distribution Panels (CDPs)
  • Network and Communication Racks/Panels
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC) Autobanks

Standalone Panels

We work with our customers to provide custom control panels that are fit for purpose. All design drawings are approved by the client prior to manufacturing and all panels are CSA certified.

Turnkey Solutions

We can also provide turnkey solutions, including consultation in the areas of control systems, power distribution, instrumentation and communications.

Solutions For Your Industry

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