Feed Mill Automation

Feed Mill Automation, Engineering and Panels

In the ever-evolving landscape of feed production, staying ahead requires cutting-edge technologies that not only enhance efficiency, but also pave the way for unprecedented precision. At Comco Controls, we bring you the future of feed milling through our state-of-the-art feed mill automation solutions. As a leading player in the industry, we understand the critical role that advanced automation plays in optimizing processes and ensuring top-notch quality and efficiency in every batch.

Comco understands the challenges that feed producers face. This experience enables us to provide feature-rich feed automation solutions that are cost effective for any size operation.

System Features

  • Full facility automation, front to back
  • Comprehensive traceability and lot tracking
  • Detailed searchable audits for all processes
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Flexible import / export system
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party applications
  • Clear and concise custom graphics
  • Equipment tracking and downtime analysis

Data Management & Analytics

We help our clients to make decisions and obtain actionable insights from standalone or integrated data sources, including Operational, Customer, Financial etc. through:

  • Data management and  historian implementation
  • Development of custom dashboards and reporting

The process of receiving inbound product from truck or train and delivering it to the proper destination within the facility.


The process of grinding generally improves feed digestibility, acceptability, mixing properties, pelletability and increases the bulk density of some ingredients.

Steam Flaking
Steam Flaking

The corn kernel is flattened, extracting the starch from the middle of the kernel to the top of the flake to ensure the animal initially ingests the most quality nutrient.

Mixing / Batching

Starting with a specifically selected formula (including solids and / or liquids) and mixing them together, totaling a definite preset weight.


The process of compressing ingredients into preset uniform sizes and shapes so that they are easily taken by animals.

Grain Handling Loadout Automation

The finished product is loaded on to truck or train from the facility in its finished form.

Case Studies

If you’re looking for specifics, the case studies will give you an in-depth look at some of the work we’ve completed for our clients. These success stories highlight how Comco can create custom solutions that work with your existing technology stack for any industry.

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